About Us

The new online game that allows you to create and play games

With PlayMaker it’s easy to make games based on almost any subject or location, and once it’s finished your can share it with family, friends and other players. This means that PlayMaker really is the game that never ends.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a parent trying to entertain the kids, or a business owner looking for a new way to promote your business, PlayMaker has a game for everyone, including:

Quizzes - Make multiple choice or timed quizzes based around anything. It can be about music or film, even about your own house, business or product.

Scavenger - Make scavenger hunts to find items or places of interest at a specific location using maps or photos, even sound files.

Treasure Trail - Tag questions and clues to places on a map. Create a trail to a location or to a hidden prize.

Interactive Story - Tell stories using text, objects and even the locations around you.

Video Quizzes - Make quizzes about videos like movies, music videos, video tutorials or even your own video content.

Sound Quiz - Make quizzes based on music, sounds, podcasts, or your own audio content.

Prize Competition - Make and play quizzes to win prizes and discount codes.